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Advanced description

All configuration files are stored in JSON, because it speed up startup in 4 times. I use multithreading anywhere where it can improve speed. Also I use lazy initialization, because WPF use to much memory.
On update folder backup is created where is saved older files.

TBox contain next folders:
  • Data - contain subfolders for plugins, any plugin can save or use from here it's own data.
  • Libraries - all libraries.
  • Localization - localization.
  • Plugins - all plugins.
  • Tools - Folder contains tools and bat files.
  • Themes - Themes, everyone can add his own theme.
In the root folder you can find:
  • TBox.exe - This tool.
  • TBox32.exe - 32 bit version of this tool.
  • changelog.txt - list of changes.

In the tools folder you can find next Tools:
  • NUnitAgent.exe - agent to run unit tests.
  • RunAsx86.exe - Tool to run AnyCpu applications in x86 mode.
  • ConsoleScriptRunner.exe - console script runner, use settings from ui plugin. To start you should specify scripts profile name.
  • ConsoleUnitTestsRunner.exe - console unit tests parallel runner. Also it can create xml report to use with continuous integration.
You should specify at least 1 parameter: path to unit tests
Other parameters:
-p=N - specify process count, by default N = cpu cores count
-x86 - force x86 mode, by default false
-clone - clone unit tests folder, by default false
-cloneDeep=N - clone deep for unit tests folder, by default deep = 1
-sync - enable sync for unit tests, by default false
-report - save xml report, by default false

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