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Advanced unit tests parallel runner


Created to speed up unit tests. This plugin is created to work with a long time running tests (we have a set of tests which runs more than 2 hours) Plugin can execute tests in paralllel, and have huge count of options, which can help you to optimize tests execution time.



Here you can create test suites.


From menu you can execute tests:

Here you can specify path to tests libraries and choose categories/

In this dialog we can choose tests, and view different information about it.

Here you can specify count of threads or assemblies to run, x86 mode, admin rights, tests start delay, execution mode, synchronization for tests agents (for example if your tests will kill all dev servers on end), enable data copy and specify file path masks to copy.
Also you can use statistic to optimize tests order. If you enable this option, engine will use execution time statistic to optimize tests separation.

Here you can see additional information

Still not enough?
You can try to use plugin SkyNet to execute them on the set of PC.

Also you can use console version:

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