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Any developer can create his own plugin and share it with others.

To create plugin you need connect 4 libraries: Interface, Common, WPFControls, WPFWinForms

Simple plugin
You should create new class and inherit it from:
  public interface IPlugin  {  
  void Init(IPluginContext context); // Initialization method.  
  UMenuItem[] Menu{get;}; // Method to get plugin menu.  
  Icon Icon { get; } // Method to get plugin icon.  
Method Init is called only once: when plugin is created. It accept next parameter:
public interface IPluginContext  {  
  IDataProvider DataProvider { get; } // Data provider - provide paths.  
  void RebuildMenu(); // Call it to rebuild menu  
  Icon GetIcon(string path, int id); // Method to get icon from file (result is cached for all plugins).  
  Icon GetSystemIcon(int id); // Method to get system icon (result is cached for all plugins).  
  void AddTypeToWarmingUp(Type t); // Method to add class to warming up queue (to improve startup speed). Result is cached for all plugins, type is created only once in STA thread.  
public interface IDataProvider  {  
  string DataPath { get; } // Path to folder with plugin data.  
  string ToolsPath { get; } // Path to folder with tools.  

Configurable plugin. If you need save settings for plugin, you should inherit from:
public interface IConfigurablePlugin : IPlugin, IConfigurable  {  
  void Load(); // Method is called on plugin Load or when user pressed Reload button.  
  void Save(bool autoSaveOnExit); // Method is called on plugins save. autoSaveOnExit=true, on exit.  
  Func<Control> SettingsGetter{ get; }// Returns dialog control, if null, then dialog have no settings. Best practice is to use lazy initialization. 
Attributes. Plugin should have 2 attributes:
PluginName - name of the plugin (should be unique),
PluginDescription - description of the plugin (you can see it on the page when you enable/disable plugins).

Exist base classes:
* SimplePlugin - simplest implementation.
* SimpleConfigurablePlugin<TConfig> - Implementation with config file.
* ConfigurablePlugin<TSettings, TConfig> - Implementation with config file and settings dialog.

Installation. After plugin is ready, you should place it to the folder with plugins and put depends libririest to Library folder.

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