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Projects manager


When you works with the big set of projects in one time, it take a long time to update and compile them all together. Also it is hard to find your changes for all project in repository. Some years ago I have created this plugin to solve this.



On the first tab you can specify projects folders.


On the second tab you can specify paths to tortoise svn and msbuild, also your svn user name to search your changes in svn.


Plugin menu is a little hard:


Here you can do next actions for all project:
  • Compile in debug and release.
  • Works with svn
  • Runs exist bat and cmd files
  • Build build files

Also exist group operations:
  • Update for all projects
  • Compile for all projects
  • View all your commits for all projects. For this you should place hard link to folder with all your projects to Data\ProjectManager folder.

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