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Requests watcher


Created to analyze requests. It can be helpful if you can't use fiddler or httpanalizer. It works but we have 2 issues: for multiply services we can have wrong order of requests and sometime body is not saved to trace.

On the web application settings you can specify that you need to save trace log. For example you can do it with Automater plugin.



On the first page you can configure trace log: alias, path to folder with trace and mask. It is good point to create alias equal to service id (for example it port).


On the second tab you can configure tooltips, rescan log time, max entries count.


Plugin menu


Here you can enable/disable watching, show list of requests, fill list from clipboard, clear.
On startup this plugin add tray icon with count equals new entries. Also this icon contain plugin menu.


On the request window you can view requests and format it for easier reading.

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