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Actual information is a big power and can help you improve your work speed. You can use google, but as for me is very good idea to search in the megabytes of the your projects to find samples and view how others implement it, sometimes you can find class which solve your problems. This plugin is created when I work on project which contain more than 100 megabytes of the source code and it was very hard to find something for me.
This plugin analyze sources and extract words(numbers,_,en and ru characters) and than build very compact index.

Default search time depends on settings, but usually it is around 10-500ms. For fulltext search it is much more longer.

Fulltext search - use fast search index to find all files with specified words and then search by search string in founded files.



On the first page we specify all folders to index, file types to reindex, file path masks to ignore.


On the second page we specify parameters of the file processing and application to open founded files.


Plugin menu


Here we can rebuild, unload index, run search dialog:


Where we can search for something. Here we can specify:
  • Folder to find (if not specified it search in all folders)
  • Max count of the files to show
  • Search type: start with, end with, exact match, contains
  • Search by name or data.
  • Case sensitive or not.
  • Use fulltext search (slow) or not (fastest)
  • Select types of files to search in.

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