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This application created to simplify and automatize daily working routines. It contains set of plugins. Any developer can add his own plugin :). This application supports auto update and error logs sending to shard folder. Plugins support lazy initialization and load only when user call it.

This application is written on c#, but contain some tools on c++/WinApi and bat files.
Technologies: .NET, WCF, WPF, WinForms, EntityFramework, SQL CE, Linq, COM
Additional libraries: SharpZipLib, nunit, ServiceStack, ScintillaNET.

Based on the previous applications: Tsm, URI, URI-II, Plantain, ToolBox.

I will be glad if you send me issues, error logs or ideas how to improve it.


This application starts in windows tray. Only one copy can be started.
You can work with it using tray menu.


Menu contain 2 parts:
In upper part you can find plugins submenus
In lower part you can find settings, fast start and exit.

The main window is:




Fast Start Window

Advanced Description


Plugins SDK

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