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Any leaks interceptor


As you know the very good point of the .net is garbage collector. But this leads to that, that peoples forget about memory leaks and from my expierence .net application has more leaks that c++ application written by good developer (For example for winapi applications with my leaks protect engine we never have any memory leaks at all in production, but for the .Net we have it from time to time) . Also it is very hard to understand is it memory leak or it is normal work of the GC. To understand it you should have statistic for a long time, but default tools don't support big data. I have decided to create this plugin when we have issue with small memory leak.



Here you can specify ui and read data update times.


By click on the single menu item you will run next dialog:


On the first tab you can specify standard counters, from task manager. You can specify one process and all parameters for it.


On the second tab you can specify perfomance conters. Dialog is based on the standart perfomance counters dialog.


On the third tab you can find graphics. I have created engine for it, when I have studied in the university for a very low end computers. It allow you view data for a very long period in real time. On mouse hover you can see values.

Also you can copy results to clipboard, stop or start analyze, close window. On start tray icon will be added.

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