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If you open settings you will find next window:


On the left list you can find list of plugins, if you choose any of it, you will open plugin settings, but first in list is global settings.
On the first tab you can find list of plugins with short description, also you can enable\disable plugins.


On the second tab, you can find main settings:
* Auto update configuration. Also you can configure here changelog.
* Teamwork settings - here you can configure local updates. For example you can have your own scripts or dlls and you want share them with team. Error logs sending. You can\enable or disable sending, choose shared folder to save error logs on send.
* Fast start. You can specify count of the operations on the fast start window.
* Usability. You can choose theme, disable icons in menu(good point when you work with mstsc).
Enable settings closing on save, cancel and startup. Specify you need double or single click to open settings from tray icon. Reduce memory usage by disabling of the GPU acceleration.
* Shortcuts. You can send shortcut to desctop or to autorun folder.
* Configuration. You can change language and enable portable mode (Configuration files will be stored in the TBox folder). Both settings require TBox restart.


On the third tab you can find global hotkeys settings. You can associate any menu item with hotkey. Also you can enable\disable all hotkeys.


On the forth tab you can find scheduler. You can run any menu item on the concrete days and time. You can configure more than one trigger fro any menu item. For example you can schedule autoupdate, update svn fro all projects or search reindex.


On the fifth tab you can configure user actions. You can crate custom action from menu items and find them on the fast start window.


On the lasttab you can configure aliases.
For example your code is in folder d:\work\trunk
and you will need to test hot fix to branch MyBranch
Then you can add alias:
Save, and tool will be configured to work with the new folder.

On the top of this dialog you can find 2 buttons:
  • Back - return to the main view
  • Help - Go to the tbox website to read documentation

On the bottom of this dialog you can find 4 buttons:
  • Save - save all plugins
  • Reload -reload all plugins
  • Close - close this window.
  • Send feedback - send anonymous feedback to the author.

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