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Team manager

Plugin to help with team management.
For now, It can generate time report by target process, svn and etc for all users from your team. It can create excel report. Send personal time report for each member of your team and send full report for BA or Team Leads.
It help me to fill time journal for my customers.


You can create profile for the each project and configure it.

On the first tab you can specify emails of the all your team members. Also you can set what report need this person - none, full or personal.

On the second tab you can specify all needed operations. For now, I have data providers for svn and target process. You can create your own scripts to receive report and use it for your projects (you can add your own script into the dataproviders folder of the plugin). Also you should specify here all needed parameters for scripts. The behavior is same as for Automater.

On the third tab you can configure email sending. This tool support smtp and exchange email servers. You should specify your credentials and email address if you need send emails.

Also you can find here calendar tab. You can add there additional holidays or working days.

On the menu you can find simple script editor. You can use it if you will need to fix script work.
On the menu you will find menu item with the name of you profile. If you click on it you will see next dialog:
Here you should specify date range to generate report. Select all needed operations and your team members. To generate report, you should click generate button. Also you can preview report.

On the second type you can find properties of the report. Here you will be able to specify work hours per day, style (you can add your own styles into the styles folder of the plugin), report validator (you can create you own validator and add into the validators folder of the plugin). You can hide all members, what don't have any report errors.
Also from here you can copy report to clipboard (it will be copied as html), create Excel report and send emails for your team members.

The report for each member is next:
You will see here: day, column with task numbers (to get task number for svn you will need to specify it in the comment in the next format "#123 text of task" ) time for reports, which support time. Wrong data will be red.

Also you can this report to scheduler - report will be generated automaticaly and emails will be send with the last specified parameters.

Not enough?
You can take a look on my other tool:

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